The uniqueness of your self-image

In Italian, “io unica” means  "I am unique”

We aspire to bring traders, suppliers, and customers across all points of the world together. This will allow all international sellers to reach their end customers and all the buyers can offer the best goods and services out there on the market.

To begin our unique journey together, we started selling Abbino, the youngest fashion brand on the market.

With its exclusive Italian style and quality, Abbino is not only what we are always attracted to: fashion, elegant and sexy, but also what we always adore: it is an Italian made vogue.



The universe of Pronto Moda.

Abbino means in Italian “combine”, so it is all about combining the right colors with style.
A brand for those who have a passion for beautiful things that arise with care, love and swear by fashion “From Italy and France”. Our fashion is designed and manufactured in Italy, with style, sensitivity and competence. We attach a great importance to the choice of fabrics, colors and charming details. The Abbino woman is dynamic, smart, modern and always in the center of attention.
Our company communicates internationally and can therefore respond quickly and efficiently to current trends. Through our speed and flexibility, it is possible for us to present new styles several times a week and to show you that we are always one step ahead in the competition.
Our fashion arises from the ability to detect trends immediately, react rapidly and deliver quickly.